• Please attend our BXZ Monthly Business Meeting. Next meeting --> Saturday 10:10 am eastern 7/30/2022

  • A Sober Cell: From the Inside Looking Out (CMA)
    We have a new book!

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  • New York Intergroup Hospitals & Institutions Committee
    Every 3rd Wednesday @ 8pm.
    Zoom Meeting ID: 846 5232 6676 | Password: Intergroup

We need help carrying the message to those who can not get to a 12 step meeting.
Questions? Email:
More info at

  • Dancing With the Steps
    Starting Wednesday, 08 June 2022 | 7pm - 9pm Eastern

A new MONTHLY MEETING CLASS to promote physical activity, dancing, movements, theatricality, performances, workouts,
choreography & musical rhythms in sobriety!
Ripley-Grier Studios - 520 8th Avenue, 17th Floor, New York NY 10018

More info at NYCMA Dancing with the Steps

  • Voices of the Fellowship: Our Recovery (CMA)
    We have a new book!
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      • Humped: Another Day Sober moved to 9pm eastern!

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NYCMA Intergroup Meetings
What is the Intergroup?

The NYCMA Intergroup monthly meeting is usually held the last Wednesday of every month in the evening. Come learn about the structure of NYCMA and the service of its various Committees. Elected GSR's are requested to attend. All members of CMA are welcome to attend, whether to observe, participate or do service at the Intergroup level.
Intergroup Monthly Meetings

Next meeting Wednesday June 29, 2022 at 7pm eastern