Bronx Zoomer's Meetings
All meetings are in eastern (NYC) time zone.

Breakfast Club Mon - Fri 9:00am (nyc)

Open- JFT Literature MeetingVirtual Doors open at 8:45am.

Meeting ScriptWhat is CMA (reading)There is Hope (reading)
NA Just for Today Daily Meditation ReadingWebsite | PDF Backup


Open - Meditation FormatVirtual Doors open around 8:15pm.
Meeting ScriptWhat is CMA?There is Hope Basic Meditation

HUMPED: Another day sober!
Wednesday 9:00pm (nyc)

Open - Speaker - TopicVirtual Doors open around 8:45PM
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Meeting Topics
Excerpt pg 69 AA Big Book
I Can Stay Sober

Bronx Variety Fridays 8:30pm (nyc)

Open - Rotating FormatVirtual Doors open around 8:15pm.

Sobriety Birthdays are celebrated on the 4th Friday every month. No need to sign up, just show up.

Meeting ScriptWhat is CMA12 Steps: A plan of action There is Hope

By The Book Saturday 9:00am (nyc)

Open Literature - Big Book StudyVirtual Doors open around 8:45am.

Meeting Script
What is CMA?
There is Hope
Meeting Syllabus and Readings

Sunday Beginners Sunday 9:00am (nyc)

Open Beginners Speaker MeetingVirtual Doors open around 8:45am.

Meeting ScriptWhat is CMA?The 12 StepsThere is Hope