The 7th Tradition

Every CMA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

The suggested contribution is $2.00/meeting.

About PayPal Fees

Pay Pal fees are $0.49+ 3% of the total

If you give one donation of $2.00 yields us $1.45. (PayPal takes .55)

If you give fifteen $2.00 donations yields us $21.75. (PayPal takes 8.25)

If you give one $15 donation yields us $14.06.

If you give one $30 donation yields us $28.61.

We are not asking you to give us $15 or $30 - we are just showing the math.

When possible we ask you to contribute once a month for the whole month instead of daily.

This will give us more options to use money to carry the message of recovery world wide.

Full Transparency

Our budget and expenses are available for request at all business meetings. Currently our Prudent Reserve is $115. All money over this amount will be sent to and quarterly.